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General Surgical Instruments

Integra Miltex has been a leader in the instrument business for over 60 years. We understand the importance of not only quality but value as well in all instruments. This is why we provide instruments from economy to premium, specialty grade.

Our portfolio includes scissors, needle holders, forceps, and retractors, forged from high grade surgical stainless steel and crafted to perform as required by demanding clinicians. We also offer high quality, single-use disposable instruments.

Please see below for additional information on our products and grades:

  • Scissors: Whether you are dissecting, cutting tissue, suture or dress material or performing any number of important functions, our finely crafted scissors make the cut.

  • Forceps: Integra Miltex Forceps can be used in the most delicate procedures to the most routine, delivering the grasp you need.

  • Hemostats: Integra Miltex uses quality material and fine craftsmanship to build our instruments. Our hemostatic forceps are distinguished by a complete commitment to creating high-quality instruments.

  • Needle Holders: Integra Miltex Needle Holders have smoothly beveled box locks and jaw edges to help protect delicate suture material from snags or cutting. Their jaw surface is milled to help ensure a secure grasp and to prevent needle slippage or rotation.

  • Disposables: From biopsy punches to dermal curettes, Integra Miltex offers a variety of high quality, single-use instruments for your in-office procedures. Additionally, we offer a disposable line of female care products to further complement our comprehensive offering of instruments for female patient care.

  • CryoSolutions®: Integra Miltex CryoSolutions is an innovative yet simple device for the delivery of liquefied nitrous oxide which allows the clinician to pinpoint the treatment site for rapid freezing and efficacious destruction of unwanted tissue.

Integra Miltex Grades of Instrument:

  • Miltex®: A comprehensive offering of high-grade, premium quality stainless steel instruments for multiple specialties. Patterns available in Tungsten Carbide and SuperCut.
  • Padgett® by Integra Miltex: A comprehensive offering of high-grade, premium quality stainless steel instruments primarily focused in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and ENT specialties. Patterns are available in Tungsten Carbide and SuperCut patterns
  • MeisterHand® by Integra Miltex: 500+ patterns of OR-grade, quality stainless steel instruments
  • Vantage® by Integra Miltex: Mid-grade stainless steel offering

Availability of these products might vary from a given country or region to another, as a result of specific local regulatory approval or clearance requirements for sale in such country or region.

  • Always refer to the appropriate instructions for use for complete clinical instructions.
  • Non contractual document. The manufacturer reserves the right, without prior notice, to modify the products in order to improve their quality.
  • Warning: Applicable laws restrict these products to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  • Please consult product labels and inserts for any indication, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions and instructions for use.

For complete product information, please see the Instructions for Use accompanying each product.
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