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Integra® External Fixation System

The Integra® External Fixation System is a single-use modular external fixator consisting of the following components: rings, foot plates, half pin bone screws, straight/olive k-wires, rods, nuts, bolts, clamps, and other modular fixator components. Special instruments (e.g. wrenches) are required for proper assembly of the apparatus. Adjustment of the fixator is possible during the course of treatment. When properly used by an experienced clinician, the Integra External Fixation System may preserve limb function by minimizing operative trauma to anatomical structures and preserving blood supply.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced, ergonomic design to promote simplified & accurate application with reduced surgical operative time.
  • Rigid construct designed to produce positive outcomes with the most challenging Charcot cases.
  • Easy access to soft tissue. Hinged component constructs to address post-operative wound maintenance and care.


The Integra External Fixation System is an external fixation device intended for adult use in the treatment of bone conditions including leg lengthening, osteotomies, arthrodesis, fracture fixation, and other bone conditions amenable to treatment by use of the external fixation modality.

Additional indications for the Integra External Fixation System include:

  • Correction of deformity
  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have been unsuccessful
  • Bone reconstruction procedures
  • Fusions and replantations of the foot
  • Charcot reconstruction and Lisfranc dislocations
  • Ankle distraction (arthrodiastasis)


Conditions that restrict the patient’s ability or willingness to follow post-operative instructions during the healing process.

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