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Integra® BioFix® Flow Placental Tissue Matrix Allograft

Integra BioFix® Amniotic Allografts are derived from human placental tissue and are offered in several sizes and volumes for use in a broad range of clinical applications. BioFix® Amniotic Allografts are carefully processed using HydraTek® technology, a proprietary process designed to preserve the natural structure and biological properties of the tissue, to provide ideal graft handling, strength, and performance.1Integra® BioFix® Flow is a sterile, human tissue allograft, derived from decellularized particulate human placental connective tissue matrix. It is intended for homologous use as a connective tissue matrix.

Features & Benefits
  • Off-the-Shelf Storage – BioFix Flow can be stored at an ambient temperature for 5 years.
  • Reduces Inflammation, Scarring, and Pain – Amniotic tissues may reduce inflammation, fibrous tissue growth, and potential scar tissue formation.2,3
  • Flexible Application ¬– BioFix Flow is ready to implant and precisely targets defects using a range of needle gauges for ease of implantation.
  • Integra® BioFix® Flow is available in the following vial sizes: 0.50cc, 1.0cc and 2.0cc

Contraindications: Contraindications for the use of BioFix® Flow include patients exhibiting gross infection at the transplantation site.

1 Data on file at Human Regenerative Technologies, LLC (HRT).
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