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Integra offers extensive expertise in collagen, demineralized bone matrices, and collagen composite biomaterials for companies seeking strategic alliances. Our collagen products are manufactured from bovine deep flexor tendon, one of the purest sources of Type 1 collagen available, with biocompatibility and safety demonstrated in over 10 million implants (neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and orthopedic surgery). Integra is a recognized and respected industry leader with vast experience in developing innovative regenerative products with a wide array of applications including dental applications, sports medicine, bone grafting materials, reconstructive wound healing, hemostasis and carrier technologies for drug and protein delivery.

Integra is compliant with ISO 13485:2003, FDA Quality Systems Regulations and the EC 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directives. Our wealth of experience in design control, testing requirements, manufacturing, quality systems, and the regulatory approval process make us a powerful partner to companies seeking:

  • A private label partner:
    Integra manufactures products that are available for private label distribution by our customers
  • A material supplier:
    Integra produces raw materials that can be integrated into our customers' production processes
  • Customer-specific product development:
    Integra has the expertise to design, develop, and manufacture products to meet the specific needs of our customers

For more information please contact:

Marketing Associate, Private Label
Integra - 311 Enterprise Drive, Plainsboro, NJ 08536
609.936.5524 USA and outside USA

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