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Tibiaxys® Plating System: Distal Tibial Osteotomy Plates and Fibular Plates

The Tibiaxys Distal Tibial Osteotomy & Fibular Plating System provides a comprehensive locking plate solution to address mid and hindfoot reconstruction.

Anatomically contoured plates allow for fixed or variable angle Surfix® screws to be used in the same locking hole. The Plates are designed to approximate the patient’s bony and soft tissue anatomy.

Plate Feature:
  • Anatomically contoured plates
    • The plate designs make positioning easier and more reproducible
  • Universal plate locking mechanism
    • Fixed and variable angle Surfix® screws can be used in the same locking hole
    • Allows surgeon to vary the screw position prior to locking if desired
  • Surfix Locking system
    • Fixed and variable angle Surfix locking screws
    • Provides a reliable, monobloc construction (screw / plate / bone)

System Benefits:
  • Versatile and adaptive system - All implants and instruments are contained in a single, two-tier sterilization tray
  • Easy, reliable and reproducible fixation - Anatomically contoured plates, complete instrumentation set
  • Rigid fixation - Locking technology increases stability for demanding procedures such as opening and closing wedge osteotomies and complex fractures


For fixation of bone fractures or for bone reconstruction. Examples include:

  • Osteotomies and fractures of ankle joint, distal tibia and fibula

The Integra Tibiaxys Plates have to be fixed with the Surfix Locking screws diam. 3.5 mm and lock-screws.


The implant should not be used in a patient who has currently, or who has a history of:

  • Local or systematic acute or chronic inflammation
  • Active infection or inflammation
  • Suspected or documented metal allergy or intolerance

The complete system includes:
  • Plates
    • Osteotomy: Antero-Lateral, Antero-Medial & Medial
    • Fibula: 4-hole & 6-hole plates
    • Surfix Standard Screw 3.5mm + Lock Screw
      • Lengths: 10–40mm in 2mm increments, 44mm, 48mm & 50mm
    • Surfix Alpha Screw 3.5mm + Lock Screw
      • Lengths: 10–40mm in 2mm increments, 44mm, 48mm & 50mm
  • Instrumentation includes:
    • K-wire
    • Wedge
    • Drilling guide
    • Depth Gauge
    • Compression guide
    • Screwdriver torx
    • AO Screwdriver Hex
    • AO Drill
    • Screwdriver Hex
    • Compression Forceps

Available implants and instrumentation are packaged as a single reusable system.

For complete product information, please see the Instructions for Use accompanying each product.
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