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Large QWIX® Positioning and Fixation Screw

The Large QWIX® Positioning and Fixation Screws are designed to provide speed and precision for challenging surgical situations in extremity fixation.

Features and Benefits
  • Titanium alloy screw in diameters 5.5mm and 7.5mm
    • Fluted distal tip allows easy insertion
    • Variable lag lengths
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping
  • Completely intra-osseous fixation
  • Optional K-wire guided drilling and insertion, minimal soft tissue irritation

Available implants and instrumentation are packaged as a single reusable system.


The Integra Large QWIX® screw is indicated for fixation of bone fractures or for bone reconstruction.

Examples Include:

  • Mono or Bi-cortical osteotomies in the foot
  • Fracture management in the foot
  • Fixation of bone fragments in long bone or small bone fractures
  • Arthrodesis in foot or ankle surgery

The size of the chosen screw should be adapted to the specific indication.


The implant should not be used in a patient who has currently, or who has a history of:

  • Local or systemic acute or chronic inflammation
  • Active infection or inflammation
  • Suspected or documented metal allergy or intolerance

The complete system includes:
  • K-wires
  • Modular handle with AO attachment
  • Internal & External protection sleeve
  • T-handle quick coupling
  • Measurer

For complete product information, please see the Instructions for Use accompanying each product.
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